Capacity building

The general objectives of the project are:

  • preventing violent radicalisation;
  • promoting democratic values, fundamental rights, intercultural understanding and active citizenship through human rights education (HRE).

The approach of this particular project to contribute to tackling this issue is to rely on networking of NA’s and capacity building in three key branches of activities:

1. Training of Trainers ToT (each NA sent 4 participants), and training of youth workers/leaders

2. Training of Erasmus+/Youth In Action National Agencies staff (this event was open to any E+ NA)

3. Integration of HRE to formal preparation of youth workers through national transfer seminars

The capacity building activities were designed to build up snowball effect to mainstream HRE in the field of youth in order to contribute to social inclusion, which should reduce violent radicalisation in youth.

The following project key capacity building events took place and relevant Calls were announced:

Calendar of project events:

The details and participation information of national training courses, national transfer seminar and national HRE mainstreaming events in native languages have been announced by each project partnering NA separately in their communication channels. All partnering NAs formulated their yearly plans on HRE.


  • KA3 projects Consortium meeting in the framework of NA Business Meeting 12.-13.12 Brussels


  • Project Kick off Steering meeting: 2.-3.02 Tallinn
  • Project Steering meeting: 18.-20.09 Zagreb
  • EACEA meeting, External Evaluators meeting 9.-10.10 Brussels
  • Expert group 1 meeting: 23.-25.10 Riga


  • Project Steering meeting: 09.-10.01 Brussels
  • Expert group 2 meeting: 18.-19.01 Riga
  • Meeting Council of Europe for synergies in between project and CoE programmes 13.04 Strasbourg
  • Expert group 3 meeting, ToT Prep meeting, transfer seminars prep meeting 16.-17.04 Tallinn
  • ToT first phase 4.-9.06 Slovakia
  • Meeting Project External Evaluator 11.06 Ljubljana
  • NA staff training Prep seminar 04.-05.09 Destelheide
  • National HRE training AT: 14.-16.09 Innsbruck
  • National HRE training EE: 17.-18.09 Pärnu
  • National HRE training EE: 11.-12.10 Rakvere
  • National transfer seminar HR: 11.-13.10 Orahovica
  • National HRE training LV: 19.-21.10 Bauska
  • National HRE training LV: 21.-23.10 Valmiera
  • KA3 projects Consortium meeting in the framework of NA Business Meeting 26.10 Vienna
  • National HRE training HR: 26.-28.10.2018 Petrcane
  • National transfer seminar HR: 05.11 Zagreb
  • National HRE training BE/FL: 9.-11.11.2018 Lommel
  • National HRE training DE: 21.-23.11.2018 Würzburg
  • National HRE training AT: 23.-25.11.2018 Vienna
  • National transfer pre-meeting EE: 26.11 Tallinn
  • National HRE training SK: 29.11.-2.02.2018 Košice
  • National HRE training DE: 30.11.-2.12.2018 Berlin
  • NA staff training 10.-13.12 Destelheide
  • Project steering meeting 13-14.12 Destelheide


  • National HRE training SK: 18.-20.01 Žilina
  • National networking activities HR: 28.01-1.02 Zagreb
  • ToT second phase (evaluation seminar) 30.01-1.02, Zagreb
  • Prep meeting for European Conference 14.02 Tallinn
  • National networking activities BE/FL: 9.04 Brussels
  • National transfer seminar AT: 20.03 Vienna
  • National transfer seminar DE: 28.03 Bonn
  • Project Steering meeting: 25.-26.04 Vienna
  • National networking activities AT: 6.05 Vienna
  • National transfer seminar EE: 22.05 Narva
  • National transfer seminar BE/FL: 20.06
  • National transfer seminar LV: 16.05 Riga
  • National transfer seminar/inspiration day BE/FL: 20.06 Brussels
  • National networking activities EE: 3.-4.09 Tallinn
  • National networking activities DE: 27.-28.09 Bonn
  • National networking activities LV: 24.-25.09 Ikšķile
  • National transfer seminar SK: 25.9.2019 Bratislava
  • National networking activities SK: 17.-18.10 Zvolen
  • National transfer seminar EE: 02.10 Tallinn
  • European HRE Conference ‘Youth for Human Rights’ and steering group meeting 29.-30.10 Tallinn

Please find the project overall External Evaluation report compiled by Yael Ohana and Marija Bulat.