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Call for a storytelling trainer for the EuroPeers international training course

EuroPeers International is looking for a trainer for an International EuroPeers Training Course taking place in Estonia 22.08-26.08.2022.


EuroPeers International is a peer-to-peer driven European Network that encourages young people passionate about EU youth mobility projects to share their experiences with other young people within the target group (18-35). EuroPeers have often participated in Erasmus+ non-formal education projects such as youth exchanges or European Solidarity Corps (ESC).

International training course

  • International Training Course is for young people who want to step into the world of Europeers, but need some guidance throughout their first steps into the network.
  • The training happens in Estonia, 22-26. august (so 5x8h).
  • We are looking for a trainer that should cocreate the programme with another trainer and provide insights on the design of the entire programme. It is necessary to have some knowledge into non-formal education methods. You will have the role of bringing in the Storytelling activities. Supporting you is an EuroPeers trainer who will support you with informal activites and knowledge about the EuroPeers network.
  • There is maximum of 20 youngsters (aged 18-30), who are from different countries who are participating in the EuroPeers network.

Your role

  • Consultation with the Core Training Team to determine the themes, activities and programme for the training course.
  • Using your personal experience, offer contributions on ensuring activities are suitable for young people and engage the target group (young people aged 18-30).
  • When priorities are co-decided, create a structured programme for each day reflecting the identified priorities.
  • Make sure ALL activities are accessible for participants with disabilities. No alternative activities should be planned. Every event should be accessible to ALL.
  • Provide materials to assist the learning of participants, ensuring that the learning process will be sustainable after the training course.
  • Share the role of “host” with a EuroPeers trainer ensuring that the themes of the training course flow throughout the event and that there is a clear objective to every activity.
  • Produce event report together with the core trainer, following the activities and an evaluation of the entire meeting.
  • Take part in the obligatory preparation meetings with the prep-team (online).
    Join and facilitate the follow-up event happening in October virtually.


  • Trainer will be paid a total fee of 3150 EUR for 7 days work at a rate of 450 EUR per day. VAT will be paid additionally by Estonian Agency for Erasmus+ and European Solidarity Corps. This fee accounts for
    our own preparation time in the months leading up to the event in supporting the stroytelling trainer.
  • Attendance in Team meetings
  • Full four-day event, plus one day before prep with the team and one day after for evaluation, virtual meeting in October.
  • All food & board and associated travel costs will be covered
  • Send an invoice upon work completion.

Conditions for applying

You need to apply in English and the application needs to have following parts.

  • Biography, where is minimally
    • the level of education
    • trainings relevant to the job opening
    • experience and carrying out trainings in the youth field
    • working with previous trainings

Application Process

  • Please send your application to laura.kiviselg@harno.ee
  • Your application will be assessed by the Core Prep Team based on previous experience with EuroPeers trainings and the programmes. Your application will be assessed with points and the candidate with the biggest score will be chosen:
    • trainers relevancy for the position (max 50 p)
    • experience with Storytelling training (max 50 p)

The application deadline is 19th June 2022 at 23.59hr CET. If you have any questions, please contact Laura Kiviselg: laura.kiviselg@harno.ee // (+372) 56 935 658