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Koolitus ”Acting Up For Youth Employment in Europe!” Prantsusmaal

Kandideerimise tähtaeg: 13.06.2018 14:26

Kandideerimise tähtaeg: 12.september kell 12.00

Koolitus “Acting Up For Youth Employment in Europe!” toimub Issoire’s  28.september-5.oktoober.

Koolitusele on oodatud osalema kõik täisealised huvilised, kes tahavad saada uusi teadmisi ja keda huvitab antud koolituse teema.
Eestist saab koolitusele minna 2 osalejat.

Antud koolitusel on osalustasu 20€ ja liikmemaks 20€, kui osaline pole veel EstYESi liige.
Majutus ja toitlustus on korraldajate poolt tagatud ja osalisele tasuta.
Alguses tuleb ise tasuda kõik transpordiga seotud kulud, pärast saab tagasi 70%.

Lisainfo inglise keeles:

We shall have the chance to share 8 exciting and intensive working days at ISSOIRE in AUVERGNE. Our strengths and attention will be focused on essential topics like Youth Employment and Work Policy, Labour Market, Project Management and Youth Business (Entrepreneurial Spirit), Formation and Non Formal Education, EU Policy and Programmes.

As it is in the tradition of Jeunesse et Reconstruction, this Training Course will provide theoretical inputs in order to clarify notions, concepts, ideas, juridical and economical frameworks and cultural aspects, but not only: “Acting up for Youth Employment in Europe” will be overall based on pro-active methods: work in plenary and small groups, exchange of best practices (good examples), visits, encounters with experts and local representatives of civil society, acquirement of practical tools.

As it is natural, the real richness of this TC is its multi/inter-cultural character (European dimension). We shall do our best to put in value your personal experiences and give you floor in order to facilitate the process of mutual learning and the exchange of good practices. The multicultural dimension of this project (8 nations represented) give us the opportunity to compare and put in common what is typical, specific, relevant in each nation about youth employment (strategies to fight against the youth unemployment phenomenon), local/national labour market, juridical framework, etc.


Kandideerimine ja lisainformatsioon: estyes@estyes.ee