The Estonian National Agency for Erasmus+ invites you to participate in the European Conference ‘Youth for Human Rights: The role and potential of youth work for Human Rights Education mainstreaming’ which will take place in Tallinn, Estonia on October 29th-30th, 2019.

Recently human rights and human rights education (HRE) in the youth field have been gaining importance in European political agendas, also as reaction to the raise of populist anti-human rights discourse.

With this conference we want to share and valorise the outcomes of the Erasmus+ programme Key Action 3 ‘Youth for Human Rights’ project regarding the state of play and practices of HRE in youth work in Europe and to strengthen the commitment and initiate the mainstreaming of HRE in youth work at local, national and European level.

The conference will bring together more than 100 stakeholders from all over Europe, including Erasmus+ National Agencies, European institutions, local/regional/national authorities, universities, NGO’s, human rights education experts, trainers, youth workers and other stakeholders eager to contribute and commit to the mainstreaming of human rights education.

The results of the conference will be conveyed as policy recommendations to be taken on board in youth programmes and youth policies’ development.

Conference time plan

28th of October –  Arrival of participants, evening reception
29th of October –  Formal opening, full working day, gala dinner
30th of October –  Half working day, departure of participants

Looking forward to our discussions in Tallinn!

Reet Kost

Deputy Director of Estonian NA for Erasmus+

Archimedes Foundation

Maari Põim

Project Manager in the Estonian NA for Erasmus+

Archimedes Foundation