European Conference

’Youth for Human Rights:
The role and potential of youth work for Human Rights Education mainstreaming’


  • Strengthening the commitment and initiate human rights education (HRE) mainstreaming in youth work at local, national and European level
  • Valorising the project ‘Youth for Human Rights’ results and inspiring different stakeholders to mainstream HRE
  • Building the case for capacity building of youth workers in HRE
  • Influencing how HRE correlates with European policies (European Youth Strategy) and programmes: the Erasmus+ and European Solidarity Corps

Conference time plan

Oct 28th

Arrival of participants
20.00 Cocktail reception and buffet at the venue
21.30 End of the day

Oct 29th

09.30 Official opening by Karin De Kelver, European Commission
09.45 Introduction of the European Conference programme
10.00 Keynote speech and panel about the state of play of human rights education in youth work in Europe, Q&A session

  • Prof. Dr. Albert Scherr, Freiburg University of Education
  • Rui Gomes, Council of Europe
  • Annette Schneider, Amnesty International
  • Silja Markkula, European Youth Forum
  • Dariusz Grzemny, Youth worker, trainer, consultant in educational projects on anti-discrimination and human rights education

11.00 Coffee break
11.30 Exploring the outcomes of “Youth for Human Rights” project
Gallery of the “Youth for Human Rights” activities
Panel discussion with authors of the “Youth for Human Rights” project’s publications

13.00 Lunch
15.00 Mainstreaming Human Rights Education Workshops:

  • The role of Erasmus+ programme National Agencies
  • Competence frameworks for youth workers and trainers in the youth field
  • Inspiring better policy conditions
  • Potential for Cross-sectoral cooperation
  • Contributions from Different youth work settings

16.30 Coffee break
17.00 Mainstreaming Human Rights Education Workshops continue
18.30 End of the day

19.00 Excursion tour at Vabamu (Museum of Occupations and Freedom)
20.00 Gala Dinner at Vabamu

Oct 30th

09.00 Feedback from the workshops
10.00 Working groups on recommendations and commitments at local, regional, national and European level
12.00 Summary of recommendations and commitments
12.30 Closure:
Video-messages from Conference participants
Next steps, beyond ‘Youth for Human Rights’ project

  • Musti Olnen, VZW Homie
  • Hanjo Schild, Project steering group member
  • Kristi Vinter-Nemvalts, Deputy Secretary General, Ministry of Education and Research

13.30 Lunch

Please bear in mind that changes might occur to this draft programme.

Mainstreaming Human Rights Education Workshops

On the opening day of this conference, there are parallel workshops taking place. There are 5 parallel workshops. Each Conference participant will engage only in one workshop (3 hours, two parts with a break). To create workshops’ groups, the matching has been based on participants’ choices in the application and on the need of mixing different profiles.

Workshops topics and descriptions:

  • The role of Erasmus+ programme National Agencies
    The aim is to touch base with the role, readiness and capacity of the Erasmus+ programme National Agencies (NA’s) to mainstream human rights education. The relevant findings from ‘Youth for Human rights’ project including ideas coming from the NA staff training will be shared and discussed.
  • Competence frameworks for youth workers and trainers in the youth field
    The aim is to address competence frameworks that are useful for human rights education mainstreaming and identify competences that youth workers and trainers in youth field need in this respect.
  • Inspiring better policy conditions
    The aim is to explore how to create better conditions for mainstreaming human rights education, identifying and addressing the gaps, and what needs to be developed on European level policy.
  • Potential for Cross-sectoral cooperation
    The aim is to explore and identify potential of cooperation in capacity building and advocacy for human rights, between youth work, formal preparation of youth workers, formal education and other sectors.
  • Contributions from Different youth work settings
    The aim is to identify and address various challenges for mainstreaming human rights education (HRE), depending on the different types and settings of youth work which pose diverse demands to HRE resources and methodologies.

All of the workshops have their own resource persons who contribute with an intervention on the topic of the workshop. The resource person presentation at the workshop will be followed by a facilitated discussion.

The conference facilitators are Ajsa Hadzibegovic and Davide Tonon.

A PDF print version (A4) of the conference visualised programme opens HERE (<)