Davide Tonon has been active in the youth field for years and has played many different roles – youth worker, trainer, project coordinator, evaluator and many, many more. During the last few years he has had the chance to coordinate and facilitate several international large-scale events, promoted by SALTO Resource Centers in cooperation with a number of national agencies. Human Rights Education for Davide is a core topic to raise young peoples awareness toward the construction of a more just society, nowadays needed more than ever. He has experienced different dimensions of HR (Human Rights) and HRE (Human Rights Education) while promoting training courses on Human Rights and intercultural education, training in the field in Palestine on social video as tool for documentation and defence of HR violation, an advocacy project of a guide for the protection and promotion of HR in public procurement.
Ajsa Hadzibegovic is a youth worker, who has actively engaged in youth work in conflict and post-conflict contexts and worked on promotion and protection of human rights of different vulnerable and marginalized groups since the break-down of Yugoslavia. As a youth representative, she was also a member of the Advisory Council for the Youth of Directorate of Sports and Youth of the Council of Europe and a member of the Expert Working Group of the Council of Europe for Development and preliminary evaluation of the European Portfolio for youth workers and youth leaders. She has extensive experience in implementing trainings and facilitating groups on various topics ranging from conflict transformation, human rights, dealing with the past, youth work, non-formal education, inclusion and diversity, citizens’ participation and activism.



Prof. Dr. Albert Scherr, sociologist and educational scientist, is director of the Institute of Sociology at the University of Education Freiburg/Germany. He has published numerous books and articles, among others on the theory of youth work, on human rights education, as well as on migration, discrimination and racism research.
Andreas Karsten works as a researcher and journalist on rights-based public policies, participation and empowerment, equality, change, and common sense. Operating at the junction of beyond the youth sector, he attempts to permanently weave media, new and old, into his work. He is based in Berlin, where he coordinates the work of the think tank Youth Policy Labs.
Annette Schneider has spent the past 15 years developing, implementing and promoting human rights education for children and young people in her roles as Deputy Director for Human Rights Education at Amnesty International, her role as an Educational Advisor to the Council of Europe Youth Department and the development of Peace Education programmes for young people in Ireland and Northern Ireland. Annette has a professional and academic background in both formal and non formal education and has taught at primary schools in both Australia and the UK.
Dariusz Grzemny is a youth worker in Poland and a trainer/consultant in educational projects across Europe dealing with anti-discrimination and human rights education. His work experience includes the Amnesty International Secretariat in London, where he worked as a human rights education advisor and the Council of Europe where he was an educational advisor. He is an author of various educational materials on human rights education.
Edwin de Boevé is the Director of DYNAMO International – The Street Workers Network, which he founded in 1984. He has worked as a teacher and street worker in Brussels for many years. DYNAMO International Network is currently made up of many platforms which altogether represent over 51 countries.

Georg Pirker has been working with AdB (www.adb.de) Germany as person responsible for international EDC/HRE programs since 2007. As of 2007 he became coordinator of the European Democracy and Human Rights Education network – DARE network www.dare-network.eu.

He is an experienced youth worker EDC/HRE trainer and has vast experiences in Education for Democratic Citizenship and Human Rights Education trainings and qualification programs supported mainly via Erasmus+ and its predecessors. During the last years he was responsible for the STEPS cooperation, a European partnership on capacity building for youth work NGO ́s exposed to the pressure of right wing populism.

Gisele Evrard Markovic joined the team of SALTO training and Cooperation Resource Centre, located in Bonn, Germany, in summer 2017, where she coordinates the European Training Strategy.
Her background is rooted in volunteering and exchange organisations, which lead her to work in international youth organisations and other youth-related structures and institutions. She worked as freelance trainers for many years and was involved in a series of processes tackling recognition, competence development and competence frameworks, amongst others.
In addition to her current position, her connection with the ETS started in 2010, where she was involved in the Steering Group and later on contributed to the development of the two ETS Competence Models for trainers and youth workers.
Gulesin Nemutlu Unal. Since 1998, Gulesin is active in European youth work field and her main focuses of work are non-formal education, human rights education, voluntarism and active participation. Between 2001-2018 she has taken an active role as a trainer and facilitator in various civil society organisations in Turkey, mostly on human rights education. Her work with the youth programmes of the Council of Europe and the European Commission since 1998, mainly focuses on youth worker training. Since 2018, Nemutlu-Unal is based in Oslo, Norway.
Hans-Georg Wicke, born 1958, social scientist, since more than 35 years working in the field youth work and youth policies, non-formal learning and political education at national, European and international level. Since 1995 he is the head of JUGEND für Europa – National Agency for the EU-Programme Erasmus+ YOUTH IN ACTION and European Solidarity Corps in Germany (Bonn). He was previously founding member and managing director of the Association for International Education and Exchange (IBB) in Dortmund.
Ljubov Lissina is a Human Rights Educator and trainer working in the youth field over 15 years. She is related to Association of Hyman Rights Educators – AHEAD, based in Barcelona and Trajectorya NGO, based in Tallinn. Ljuba is a member of the Pool of Trainers of the Youth Department of the Council of Europe. In Youth for Human Rights Project she was involved in an expert group and further on, as trainer of the Training of Trainers in HRE.
Karin De Kelver is Assistant Programme Manager at the EACEA (Educational, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency), which manages projects with EU funding in the fields of education, culture, audiovisual (media), sport, citizenship and volunteering. She has been employed by the Agency since its start in 2006, and acts as project officer for beneficiaries of selected projects. During the last years, her portfolio mainly consists of projects selected under EACEA’s Social Inclusion Call.
Kristi Vinter-Nemvalts  works as a Deputy Secretary General in the Ministry of Education and Research in Estonia. She is is responsible for fields of general education, teaching profession, youth affairs and language policy and is directly in charge of the departments of general education, youth affairs and language policy. Before working for the Ministry, she was the Director of School of Educational Sciences in Tallinn University. Her speciality is media literacy in youth.
Marko Kovacic is a research fellow in youth studies with extensive experience in formulation of youth policies, both at the national and European level. He is an active member of various initiatives, movements and organizations related to education, human rights and youth issues.
Miguel Ángel García López holds a University Expert – Master Degree- on Educational Evaluation Bachelor’s Degree in Social Sciences from the University of Deusto –Spain. He has a strong background in the field of education, having worked for over 15 years in this area, both as a lecturer in formal education and as consultant in non formal education and youth training at European level. Currently working as freelance consultant for European Commission, the Council of Europe and several NGOs at European Level and as lecturer in the Faculty of Applied Sciences of the University of Osnabrück and in the Faculty of Applied Arts of the University of Hannover.
He has extensive expertise as trainer, evaluator, facilitator and author on a broad range of topics including intercultural dialogue, human rights education, social inclusion, training of trainers, minorities, anti-discrimination and social entrepreneurship.
Musti Önlen is an educational worker at International Committee, where he supports 38 associations of people with a migration background. In addition, Musti is active as a client representative for ethnic-cultural minorities in the Advisory Committee on Youth Assistance and IROJ Limburg. He is also the founder and chairman of the experimental non-profit organization Homie, a citizens’ initiative that supports young homeless people aged 18 to 25.
Pieter-Jan Uyttesprot is an experienced youth worker, member of the Youth Department of Council of Europe Pool of Trainers, had the opportunity to work in several long term trainings on HRE and in the training of trainers in HRE of the Council of Europe. Pieter-Jan also offers courses on Human Rights Education for two universities and training institutes, he was involved in the development of the ENTER training course of CoE in the field of social rights.
Rui Gomes leads the programme of intercultural education and training activities of the Youth Department of the Council of Europe. Rui has been active in human rights education since the launching of the Human Rights Education Youth Programme in 2000 with the specific purpose of including human rights education in the mainstream of youth policy and youth work. He has authored and co-authored various publications such as Compass – the manual for human rights education with young people and the Education Pack All Different – All Equal.
The capacity to carry out human rights education according to stated objectives and approaches is essential for its credibility and impact; critical thinking and digital citizenship matters are of particular importance to address younger generations.
Sabine Klocker has been working as a trainer in HRE on local, national, European level for many different organisations and institutions, within the last 15 years mostly through the Trainers Pool of the Youth Department of the Council Europe.
Silja Markkula is a Board Member of the European Youth Forum. With years of experience, she is supporting youth organisations from across Europe in engaging with various human rights mechanisms in the United Nations as well as the Council of Europe, to claim young people’s rights.
Dr Theo Gavrielides is an international expert in restorative justice and human rights. He is the Founder and Director of Restorative Justice for All (RJ4All) an international NGO with a mission to advance community cohesion using the values and practices of restorative justice. He has also founded and directs the IARS International Institute. He is also an Adjunct Professor at the School of Criminology of Simon Fraser University (Canada), a Distinguished Policy Fellow at Australian National University as well as a Visiting Professor at Buckinghamshire New University (UK). Professor Gavrielides is the Editor-in-Chief of the International Journal of Human Rights in Healthcare, Youth Voice Journal and the Internet Journal of Restorative Justice.



Siiri Taimla-Rannala is a graphic recorder who has been visually documenting a vast amount of seminars, trainings and conferences. Siiri is also a founder of Joonmeedia which is a platform for visual creative tools’ development and practice. Besides being a graphic recorder she’s also a graphic designer, animator and illustrator. She is a co-author of “Graphic Express – first steps to graphic facilitation in youth work”. Her background is a freelance artist and teacher in Estonian Academy of Arts where she also did her MA in drawing. Her home pages are siiritaimla.com, joonmeedia.ee.