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Project of Hungary (DOCH)

The time spent in Budapest, Hungarian capital, and Szigetköz village gave me a lot of pleasant impressions and bright memories. Getting to know Hungarian, Italian and Estonian cultures, their features and building bridges between their representatives – all that was an essential part of the project.
Discover Our Cultural Heritage (DOCH) taught me to look at difficulties with a different perspective and to overcome them together as a team. Regardless of the physical challenges (a lot of cycling and canoeing), all the activities were fun to work in a diverse team, especially setting and reaching our goals and interacting with local villagers.
The working language was always English. For some of me it was a great experience in communicating. It broadened our horizons and showed us the greatness of our abilities. It strengthened confidence, widened potential, raised interest towards other cultures and travelling.
We also had relatively much free time to have a chat among each other, relax and have a nice time.
I’m especially thankful to the leaders of all 3 countries, project managers(Robert Dawson), the Erasmus+ initiative, Vitatiim and the opportunities it’s providing us with.

Author: Daria Belova

Interpreter: Vladislav Virtonen