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Noortevahetus ”Report Your Sart” Prantsusmaal 24.-31. oktoober

Kandideerimise tähtaeg: 13.06.2018 14:26

Kandideerimise tähtaeg: 11.september kell 12.00

Noortevahetus ” Report Your Sart” toimub Prantsusmaal 24.-31. oktoober

Noortevahetusele on oodatud kandideerima kõik 18-30 aastased huvilised, kes tahavad saada uusi teadmisi ja keda huvitab antud noortevahetuse teema.
Eestist saab noortevahetusele minna 5 osalist ja 1 liider, kellele pole seatud vanusepiirangut.

Antud noortevahtusel on osalustasu 50€ ja liikmemaks 20€, kui osaline pole veel EstYESi liige.
Majutus ja toitlustus on korraldajate poolt tagatud ja osalisele tasuta.
Alguses tuleb ise tasuda kõik transpordiga seotud kulud, pärast saab tagasi 270€.

Lisainfo inglise keeles:

Target group: youngsters who want to share their daily life experience, the difficulties and success they encounter to enter in the active life and their point of view about their counrty’s situation. But also youngsters who want to find and share some good practices related to this issue through a short film.

Themes: youth employment and inclusion

Main objectives:  to develop young’s capabilities to have a positive start in the active life.

This youth exchange will take place in Villeurbanne, in the surroundings of Lyon, and deals mainly with the topics of youth employability and inclusion, both at individual and national level. It will allow participants to talk about their realities, but also, with peer-learning process, to exchange point of view and advice to one another.

Through artistic workshops, participants will have the opportunity to express themselves about these topics and to create an overview of their feelings, debates concerning these issues which will be spread to raise awareness in the 4 countries.

Indeed, throughout the project, they will be accompanied to create a short film about the cultural diversity of young European at the beginning of their active life. In order to enhance their reflections about employability and inclusion, some meetings with the local population, visits and workshops with professionals from different fields will be offered.

 Methodology : non-formal education tools will be used to create a friendly atmosphere, considering each participant in their diversity, personality, and culture, so that each person can feel free to express themselves, share their experience, teach, and learn from others. Artistic workshops will allow participants to discover new ways of expression encouraging creativity and ability to create collectively, and to gain self-confidence.

Kandideerimine ja lisainformatsioon: estyes@estyes.ee