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Call for Working Group Members to develop a new EuroPeers Training Concept

Working period: March to June 2022
Application deadline: 6th of March

EuroPeers International is looking for a working group consisting of 2-3 EuroPeers, 2-3 Trainers and 2-3 National Agency employees to develop a new and updated training concept for future Europeer trainings


EuroPeers International is a peer-to-peer driven European Network that encourages young people passionate about EU youth mobility projects to share their experiences with other young people within the target group (18-30). EuroPeers have often participated in Erasmus+ projects such as youth exchanges or European Solidarity Corps (ESC). The network was founded in 2005 and is currently a strategic collaboration project that is active in 13 countries.

The need to develop a new Training Concept

The goal of this working group is to analyze the existing structure and methodology of the current EuroPeers trainings in order to identify which core elements are best practice examples and well functioning. These elements shall be used as a base for the development of a new and updated version of the EuroPeers training that is matching the needs of the network and is providing a sustainable training format for recruiting more EuroPeers in the future.

Expected Outcomes:

  • analysis of the existing training formats
  • new and easily adapted training format: consists of modules that can be moved around according to needs of the group and training context

In addition

  • strengthening communication strategies within the network during and after the trainings
  • focus on inclusivity: how to include people from diverse backgrounds? Alumni are alumni and every story counts, necessity to reach a more diverse target group with the EuroPeers
  • push the participatory approach of the trainings and network forward: getting engaged and staying engaged

Your role

  • Analyze and identify the core modules for a sustainable EuroPeers training concept.
  • Plan and elaborate on a common structure for future EuroPeers trainings within the network, together with the other international working group members.
  • Using your personal experience, offer contributions to ensure the developed training concepts are suitable for young people and engage the target group.
  • Taking into consideration the varying national realities of the network when planning the training – by for example developing different core modules out of which the training can be puzzled together (different focus blocks).
  • Work with the Core Team to include experts where necessary.
  • Make sure the training modules can be adjusted to all eventualities – a training concept that is suitable for various formats: in person, hybrid and online.

All of these tasks will be supported by the EuroPeers coordinator.

Requested Experience in order to join the Working Group

One essential requirement is that you are either a trained EuroPeer – this means you have completed a EuroPeers Training on a national or international level and you are aged between 18-30, or you are an experienced Trainer that has international training experience. It is beneficial to have some prior knowledge of non-formal education methods, possibly from participating in ESC or other Erasmus+ projects yourself and that you are familiar with the core values of the EuroPeers project. Alternatively you are a National Agency employee and would like to add the perspective of the National Agency into the training development process.

This is a paid opportunity offered in line with EuroPeers International values, championing youth self-development. Therefore, you should demonstrate in your application:

  • Why is it important to establish a more unified training approach for the EuroPeers?
  • What ideas would you like to integrate into the training concept development?
  • What would you take into account to make sure the training methods are engaging for the diverse target group of young people?
  • What is your motivation to apply for being part of this working group?


The Working Group will work together from March to June 2022. The new Training strategy is planned in digital cooperation and one physical meeting that will take place in central Europe (to be announced) from the 21.-24.04.2022. During the meetings you get together to analyze, brainstorm and develop new possible modules for a future version of the EuroPeers Training. The physical meeting is planned for 4 days.

The NA will pay an amount of 350,-€ per working day, including all preparation, documentation and follow up work of the digital and physical meetings. All together this adds up to a total sum of 1400,-€ (including taxes) for your participation in the Working Group Meeting for 4 days.

See the details listed here again:

  • Total fee for members of the working group is 1400- € for the work in the physical meeting at a rate of 350€ per day (including preparation time and follow up work). VAT will be paid additionally by the Estonian Agency for Erasmus+ and European Solidarity Corps.

The fee will cover:

  • Your own preparation time prior to the meetings.
  • Attendance of the Working Group Meeting in April 2022.
  • Monitoring of the work progress and outcomes for the network.
  • All lodging and associated travel costs will be covered by the Estonian NA.

Application Process

  • Please send your application to marie.heimburg@harno.ee
  • Please attach your CV that is highlighting your skills connected to this task.
  • Please submit a motivational statement or a short video for the position including answers to:
  • What does being a EuroPeer mean to you? (if you are a Europeer)
  • When and where did you complete a EuroPeers training on a domestic or international level? (if you are a Europeer)
  • How will this future more unified Training concept help the network achieve future aims?
  • What ideas would you like to integrate into the training concept development?
  • What would you take into account to make sure the training methods are engaging for the diverse target group of young people?
  • What is your motivation to apply for being part of this working group?

Your application will be assessed based on your answer to the above questions in your motivational statement and/or your introduction video by the EuroPeers coordinator Marie Heimburg.

The application deadline is on March 6 at midnight  CET. 

The physical meeting will take place 21st to 24th of April 2022.

If you have any questions please contact Marie Heimburg:

marie.heimburg@harno.ee // (+372) 56725168