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Call for trainers

Estonian National Agency (EE NA) together with Lithuanian, Italian, Slovenian and Spanish National Agencies and SALTO SEE are organising a training course “ABC of learning in EVS” in the spring of 2016 and is looking for suitable trainers.


An important part of a European Voluntary Service (EVS) project is the learning process consisting of planning, implementation and reflection. Often the amount of the project´s positive impact on the volunteer and his/her future employability is related to the learning process which took place during the service. Therefore it is important that the representatives of the hosting, but also the sending organisations understand and value the learning process and are equipped with the methods and competences to carry it out.

This TC supports:

  • A deeper understanding of the learning process and how to support it (including Youthpass process);
  • sharing and developing the methods and good practices on how to support the learning process in EVS.

Concrete expected learning outcomes will be specified during the preparation meeting.

Participants of the TC will be the representatives of the accredited EVS organisations.

Who are we looking for?
We are looking for two trainers – one international and one from Estonia.
From the trainers we expect:

  • experience as a trainer on international level in the youth field (including experience in non-formal education and knowledge of non-formal education training/event approaches);
  • very good competences about learning and learning to learn;
  • good knowledge of EVS;
  • very good level of spoken and written English.

To apply please send following documents to Nele Mets (nele.mets@archimedes.ee – EE NA) by the latest 21st August 2015:

  • CV (including the experiences as a(n) (international) trainer from last 4 years – organizer, title of the event, target group, main aim / expected learning outcomes)
  • description (max 2 A4s) of
    • how you would work with the topic of the TC;
    • why do you consider (or don’t consider) supporting learning to learn as an important part of the EVS project.


The TC is planned for 5 working days and 6 nights. EE NA pays for new international trainings 270 per working day + 270 euros for preparation and analysing of each working day.  We do not pay extra for welcoming day or departure day.

  • 5 working days training + welcome evening, departure day = 2700 euros
  • NA will cover food for the prep meeting, food and accommodation during the TC + accommodation for international trainer during the prep meeting + travel costs for international trainer for prep meeting and training course.

Amount of the salary is paid based on the invoice (2700 euros). All the taxes have to be paid by the trainer.
Salary includes:

  • Preparation of the training, participating in the prep meeting in the autumn of 2015, composing conception of the TC (includes filling in the form requested by the EE NA)
  • Carrying out a quality TC in spring 2016 (end of March or in April)
  • Analysing the TC and filling in the final report in the form provided by the EE NA.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Nele Mets – nele.mets@archimedes.ee.