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We need you for the EuroPeers Advisory Group!

Hello You! Are you passionate about youth mobility and Erasmus+ and/or ESC programmes? Do you have experience in project planning or would like to work in an international team together with open minded young people? You have a vision for the EuroPeers network and are motivated to develop it further together with motivated peers and National Agencies? If you answered YES to any of these questions, then we are looking for you! Right now EuroPeers are selecting 13 enthusiastic people aged 18-35 to join their EuroPeers Ideas Advisory Group.

You will have the opportunity to directly work together with National Agencies for Erasmus+ and European Solidarity Corps and help to shape training opportunities and future projects. Your ideas matter and we are hoping to receive applications from diverse young people meaning all sexes and genders, different backgrounds and educational paths, so the team can be super representative. We encourage EuroPeers from all over Europe to apply! EuroPeers’ future is in your hands, so seize the opportunity!

To apply you need to be:

  • 18-35 years old
  • A EuroPeer (meaning, that you had an international or national EuroPeers training/activity experience);
  • From one of the member countries from the EuroPeers network (that is Estonia, Latvia, Finland, Poland, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium (FL, DE), France, Italy, Romania, Norway or Austria);
  • Willing to be a committed member in the group from March until December 2022. That means spending 8-10 hours per month on meetings and preparations (studying materials, collecting information and input etc);
  • Willing to participate in the annual network meeting of EuroPeers in September 2022 in Poland.

As a member of the advisory group you will:

  • Have regular meetings (in the beginning: monthly) on relevant topics of the network.
  • Give input, opinions and ideas for network improvement and development
  • Give feedback on prepared materials and content (done by the EuroPeers network coordinator)
  • Be the bridge between national realities and the international dimension. It is an opportunity to give the national voice onwards through the international group.

If you have any questions on your mind, you can email the Network Coordinator at marie.heimburg@harno.ee for more info. We can’t wait to hear from you!

If that sounds exciting, then don’t miss your chance and submit your application here.

Deadline for applications is 20th of February 2022.