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DiscoverEU meetup

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Are you ready to travel beyond expectations? We invite you to Estonia –  a destination, where medieval architecture meets future technology and untouched nature is never more than minutes away. Enjoy the meaningful experiences and deeper connections to yourself.. and the internet provided by one of the most digitally advanced countries in the world.

In just 2 days, you can make the most of your time – see the Unesco World Heritage 13th century Old Town, buzzing hipster areas with restaurants, startup offices, art galleries, and endless sea views complemented by a visit to breathtaking wildlife. A visit full of rare emotions and endless unique photo opportunities!

When and where?

When: 28-29 July 2022
Meet-point: Fat Margareth’s hostel (Põhja pst 27 Tallinn) at 12 A.M on Thursday (July 28)
Registration is open until July 22nd!

What will happen?


Tallinn is the best preserved medieval city in Northern Europe with its exceptionally intact 13th-century city plan.
Discover time travel along the cobbled streets of pastel-coloured homes, where past and future collide down a single city street. It is enjoyed by visitors and locals alike, with restaurants, bars, museums, and galleries bringing much life to this historical city centre. Get acquainted with Tallinn.


Take the day off in untouched wilderness breathing the purest air in the world! Only possible in a country this compact – it is only minutes to enchantingly picturesque bogs, forests, and natural wonders.
Take the time to plug into the zone where the well-preserved authenticity intertwines with the state of the art.
The waterfall is approximately 8 meters high and more than 50 meters wide. It is the widest natural waterfall in Estonia. Discover the bog adventure.


In case you have questions feel free to contact with our DiscoverEU coordinator Anni Tetsmann